If You’re Into Jerky and Fish

These dried, little mackerels (I think?) are one of my favorite snacks.  They remind me of the harder parts of a salmon steak in texture, which I love.  Not too salty, I was expecting more of that, and with a teriyaki flavor.


This is something I can only describe as fish bacon roast.  It does not have any fishy taste to it, but not as brittle as bacon nor as dry as jerky.  A perfect in-between.  Same great teriyaki flavor as the mackerels.  All three of them have this and it’s pretty damn good.

Fish jerky for sure.  The equivalent of the moist, boutique premium beef jerkys except made of fish.  The texture reminds me of sashimi.  No fishy taste in this either.  A light teriyaki glaze that doesn’t stay on the fingers.  Very delicious and tasty.

The Heckling of Todd Frazier

When I was in Chicago, I had the blessed opportunity to see the Detroit Tigers @ US WEST Cellular Field.  It’s a great park and I’ll never forget the long walk there from downtown.  Uneventful, relaxing, and gave me a great feel for the city.  Got hella carbs (Italian food and beers at some random hole in the wall) to fuel the journey through several neighborhoods.

The game itself was both a hoot and a holler.  Miguel Cabrera had hit two homers in the game, something I’d never seen live, off of Chris Sale of all pitchers.  One was to left field and one was to left center.  Both cleared the fence pretty easily.  Verlander was late 2016 solid.

But my personal highlight came after my 8th beer when Big Lunch and I toured the park around the 4th or 5th inning.  There were two men in scoring position, but I don’t remember if the bases were loaded or if that was an empty Miller Lite can clouding my vision to first base.  One of the White Sox’s off-season free-agent hitting acquisitions was Todd Frazier.  The White Home Run Hope of 2016.  The at-bat ended up being a 3-2 count with Todd and freaking Justin Verlander locked in.

Either way, Todd Frazier took a strike that was slightly above the letters to end the inning.  He was pretty upset and I would have been too if I were a White Sox fan.  But I’m not.

By the time he got his next at-bat, I was back in my seat right above the Visitor’s Dugout.  First pitch was a called strike right above the letters.  And I couldn’t help myself but yell, “SAME PITCH THAT STRUCK YOU OUT, TODD!!!”

He broke a slight, but muted, smile.  Todd Frazier, you no doubt had to stifle your admiration of my amazing timing and explosive wit.  I’m sure of it.

Raise your hand if you got jammed!