A Heavy Soul Falls Fast

I know what depression feels like for me.

It’s a very steep cliff that I jumped off of at a rarely random time.  And I have no idea that I’m plunging at the speed of gravity times my emotional weight until I feel it and look down.  A heavy soul falls fast.

When I hit the bottom and spread over the unforgiving surface, I lay there depending on how much I had to feel.  Recognition of the end of this terminal descent isn’t immediate.  I think that’s why I remain prone for a while.

Nothing picks me off the ground except time.   Thankfully, I always get up.

Even contemplating when time couldn’t heal a wound, I’m relieved to know myself well enough to be too ignorant to recognize it.  I’d just plow forward at the speed of my mass without looking down.

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Author: Clerk Kant

A lover of hard beats, major American sports, the DC Universe, PvP in all forms, and good books.

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