Quarantine Beats 2020

DJ Ritchey

Stumbled onto this guy while listening to liquid drum and bass on Mixcloud and was grabbed by one of his “Coffee and Bass” sets while on a long run.

The beats can be smooth and rolling, dancey and melodic, soothing and moody.  They go with anything and the flow carries.

I listen to his sets while on long runs, at my job (thankfully still employed), and whenever I need something to clear and occupy my mind at the same time.  There’s so much heart and soul in D&B and Ritchey puts it on display.



Nicole Maudaber

Heard about this hard-working lady of techno when Great Northern notified me she was gonna play at their club.  First listen of the set they promoted was boring af but had great tracks. As I commented to my friend, it sounded like a minimal / dub DJ got a hold of some real techno records.

Then I kept listening to her sets on Mixcloud and loved her range.  Some of the highlights from parties were super dance-able and I envied the heads that got a live listen.  She does a weekly broadcast in Europe and gigs everywhere.

This set banged:



DJ Marky

One of my favorite sets from the Red Bull Choice Mixes .  I love this kind of drum and bass.  Clean, dancey, hearty, and a little mainstream.  The rest of his mixes are varied in style and content.  He’s got a really good ear for music.


My favorite ambient artist.  They create sounds and spaces in noise along with bringing a lot of sentiment and emotion into their tracks.  Working nights required me to explore beat-less music lest I succumb to a melancholy and joyless silence and not disrupt the sleep of those with whom I share walls.

It can be a real challenge.  In Quarantine 2020, it’s important to recognize the needs of the community but you should also cherish yourself and revel like Dionysus is watching.



"Are you, like, a crazy person?"
“Are you, like, a crazy person?”

“Denis Jasarevic was born in Portoroz, SR Slovenia, SFR Yugoslavia on 19 October 1984. Jasarevic’s interest in music began at the age of three, when his mother would catch him listening to American funk, jazz, soul and blues from his older sister’s cassette tapes. As he got older, he was introduced to hip hop culture and listened to artists such as DJ Premier, Guru, RZA and Dr. Dre.”  – Straight from Wikipedia

These are some of the best beats I’ve ever heard in my life.  I’m not exaggerating.  When I started getting into “lofi” and trip hop, his tracks came in the rotation.

I was genuinely blown away that these beats came from one person.  All his albums felt like an all-star compilation for great hip hop / lofi jams for the past ten years.