The Juarez Border Challenge 2021


Beat the Bandito!

Make your picks for MLB’s Opening Day 2021 at  Requires an MLB account to participate.  $5 – 10 wagers accepted, limit one per person.

“Beat the Bandito!” by getting more correct picks than me or claim ‘asylum’ at the Border by picking all 15 games wrong.

If you successfully claim ‘asylum’, you will win $15 out of my damn pocket.  Go hard in the wrong direction I always say!

Attempts at ‘asylum’ are free but limited to one.

Tiebreakers will be shared among contestants.  You will be required to submit tiebreakers to enter this contest.  Screenshots required and you will be on the hook for wagered moneys.  Don’t say you’re going to drop me $10 via PayPal and then never do it.  You’ll get 86’d from the Book.


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Author: Clerk Kant

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