Week 1 Power Betting Lines

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The off-season seemed particularly long this year as anticipation crescendoed into a chaotic and unpredictable ramp-up.  A great start to the 2021 fantasy football season according to those with good seats and popcorn.

El Paso Roughnecks @ NINERS R METAL
(1:00 PM PST Sunday, NBC)
NRM favored by 7.5

The Roughnecks lineup has an uninformed gambling feel to it because of all the unfamiliar and untested faces in the locker room.  Traveling to Talkie Town to take on the “Diamond Level”-managed home team will require more than just a few favorable matchups as Niners R Metal have just as many of those.  Dalvin Cook should provide enough juice for the squeeze and the rest of the talent should carry the way.  There is a chance Matthew Stafford, new to the offensive system in West Texas, can live up to the improved draft value but let’s not get too optimistic.

Big Lunch @ Brazzaville Congo Natty
(1:00 PM PST Sunday, YouTube)
Big Lunch favored by 1

The league’s first broadcast via the streaming giant YouTube will feature two teams with similar players at the positions and this would be an even matchup except for the Lunches sack their matchups.  Their softer opponents add some weight to win expectancy but look for CNat’s San Francisco Defense-on-Detroit violence to draw some blood.  If Dak doesn’t get put back in the ICU by the Tampa Bay defensive line, there could be a celebration in Brazzaville.

Miki’s Mokes @ Jake & Elwood Blues
(1:00 PM PST Sunday, FOX)
Jake & Elwood Blues favored by 2

There’s only one quarterback better than Josh Allen and that’s Patrick Mahones.  Two athletic young bucks with great, accurate arms should light up the scoreboard down at Saint Helen of the Blessed Shroud Stadium in front of a home crowd of children and their strict stewards.  But the reliance of the Mokes’ on the Bengals offense adds some uncertainty in projections for their ability to execute as Joe Burrow is coming back from a catastrophic leg injury.  Denver hosting the offensive-line deficient Giants helps them a lot.  The Blues Bros., perennial contender and fantasy titan in this league, may just barely get the points they need on Monday night as their Ravens defense will attempt to make a snack out of Derek Carr.

Sweet Baby Jesus @ Blind Squirrels
(4:00 PM PST Sunday, Telemundo)
Roy’s Favorite Son by 4

The Brothers Jackson are equally invested in young quarterbacks and Week 1 could determine their respective success for the rest of the season.  The problem for the Son of God is if Keenan Allen has a big hand in helping his QB score points and almost counts as a hedge in this one.  The running back cores for both teams look solid but the Squirrels need some big nuts out of Chubb and Harris in case Burrow has a rough day against the Vikings.  Fun house mirrors sometimes make you resemble your sibling and I feel the same way about these two teams.

TTA @ Land Urchins
(4:00 PM PST Sunday, ESPN 8 “The Ocho”)
Visitoring Team by 4

Betting hard on the Green Bay Packers offense reminds people of the previous QB to WR1 league-winners like Brady to Moss or Ryan to Jones.  It’s a great play and we’ll see how it works out but odds are … very well.  The Land Urchins have a lot of different players on different teams with good matchups but there doesn’t seem to be an identity there.  Lamar Jackson will run into the endzone almost as many as he’ll throw but he’ll also need those wide receivers to produce.  If Ben “Daddy Newsie” can win this it will be because his running backs out-perform the opposing team’s.

Kali Kine @ Just Win Baby
(5:30 PM PST Monday, Spike TV)
Just Win Baby by 3.5

Unfortunately for the “Joes”, Saquon Barkley (no relation to Chuck unfortunately) will be limited in his touches so his projection is way too high and we anticipate Tom Brady handing off a lot in this one.  Two members of the Raiders on your team disqualifies you from discussions of relevant fantasy team by some talking heads on the major networks but Kali Kline is not in Herb’s Forest this week.  The Kine has tough matchups for both RBs, their QB, and their WR1.  It’s hard to see the rest of their lineup making up the points.  Again though, Just Win could be Just Be Mediocre.

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